was started in August of 2016 by Brian Ethridge, Colt Barber and Ashley Hodge, all long-term followers and supporters of Baylor Athletics. We started with a well-entrenched community of followers from our days of participation in BaylorFans, BearScoop and BearsTruth on the 247 Sports network. In the summer of 2017, we struck a deal with Jason Stewart the owner of to acquire and merge into

Jason, Brian, Colt and Ashley are thankful for this opportunity and are excited about the future of SicEm365 and want to grow it to be a vibrant community that enhances the Baylor fan experience and connects good Bears to each other. Some of our best friendships have come from our years of message board participation. None of this is possible without your support, so thank you and we hope we build a site that you are excited to tell your friends about.

We also need to say thank you to Brandon Jones & Josh Oelze, owners of F5Sports, a software company that powers TexAgs, SicEm365 and a growing number of fan sites including NC State, Clemson, Notre Dame, Nebraska and Oregon. Brandon and Josh helped build the most successful sports message board in existence at and have given us a great blueprint to do the same in the Baylor market. SicEm365 is only a client of F5 so we retain full autonomy of this business and every decision going forward.

Differences Between Premium & Free Boards?

SicEm365 started as a premium board community. For $125/annual or $13/month, you could expect to find detailed analysis and discussion of Baylor sports teams and anything that affects the Baylor community. For those that are paying the subscription price, they expect a troll free experience so the premium boards are moderated in a stricter fashion to keep a constructive balanced tone of strengths and weaknesses inside the programs. Interested in trying this out? We offer a $1 trial for a week. From there you can decide if you would like to continue as a premium subscriber. Our retention rate is over 95%, so we know you will be pleased with the product.

The free boards have been populated by a long-standing community of supporters. We expect civility and respect towards fellow posters but you will find that we allow people to state their opinions with looser moderation standards on there. Many people view the free forums as entertainment and a place to vent, and we allow the boards to take on their own culture as the community shapes over time, but we do step in and moderate as needed.

Many of our subscribers participate on the free forums and the two premium forums. We have over 2100 subscribers and 7000 actively viewing or participating on the free boards. We are committed to building community through a multitude of events throughout the year thanks to great support from our sponsors. For all home football games we host a tailgate at our SicEm365 shipping container where fans can gather and watch football games in the shade and enjoy food and drinks supplied by Milo and 3Nations Brewing and Balcones. We also will host tailgates for basketball, baseball and softball games at that location as well as the spring football game.

Some of our content features are available to both free and premium users and will be posted on both message boards. We do pay a host of contributors to produce quality premium content for fans that want to follow the ins and outs of the teams and recruiting which has turned into a 365 days per year pursuit.

SicEm365 Content Team

We are excited about the content team here.

Colt Barber - Owner/Editor in Chief
Brian Ethridge - Owner/Publisher
Ashley Hodge - Owner/Publisher
Jason Stewart - Vice President/Marketing
Grayson Grundhoefer - Director of Broadcast and Content

Ashley and Brian have each followed Baylor sports for over 30 years while Colt has been involved with Baylor for as long as he can remember with his dad playing football at Baylor. Jason started in 1999 and has been a long-term fan of Baylor Athletics. We are excited to have Grayson Grundhoefer with us full-time. He will be acting as a full-time reporter but also covering recruiting in addition to media projects.

Craig Smoak - Special Contributor
Matthew McBrayer - Media Creation
JJ Joe - Special Contributor Football
S11 - Football Analyst
Ftblbob5 - Football Analyst
Jim Black - Photographer
Todd Nickle-
Larry Gatewood- Special Contributor Basketball

We look forward to the good times and great fellowship that comes from being a part of the Baylor family.

Thanks for taking this journey with us.