So, what is Athlete+?

Athlete+ is a new subscription level inside the SicEm365 Premium network that brings users who choose to opt in special access to content created in conjunction with student athletes. Just like all of our content contributors here at SicEm365, the student athletes will also be compensated for their time, effort and NIL.

Is this legal according to NCAA rules and state laws?

Yes. With recently passed bylaws by the NCAA as well as state legislation, student athletes are now allowed to use their individual name, image and likeness to earn money. What SicEm365 is doing with Athlete+ falls inside all lines including NCAA rules and Texas state laws.

What is special about Athlete+?

Athlete+ provides an opportunity for the SicEm365 team to receive special access to student athletes in a way that has not been available previously. In turn, Athlete+ subscribers inside the SicEm365 network receive unique vantage points and content. 

How much of my subscription is actually going back to the student athletes?

SicEm365 will use no less than 80% of all subscription fees from Athlete+ to compensate contracted athletes for their time, effort and NIL.  

Which athletes are you going to use?

SicEm365 plans to contract as many student athletes as possible to help generate content for Athlete+ subscribers. Student athletes must sign a contract before working and ultimately receiving compensation from SicEm365.

What do I get from my Athlete+ subscription? 

Three subscription levels for Athlete+ will be offered including 10+, 25+ and 100+. Each will receive access to all Athlete+ content. Each subscriber of the 25+ and 100+ levels will receive exclusive Athlete+ items annually while 100+ level subscribers will receive free access to any SicEm365 event. SicEm365 also plans to provide additional perks for all subscription levels at its discretion during the course of the calendar year.

Can I remain a SicEm365 Premium subscriber and not opt into Athlete+?

Yes. Athlete+ membership is optional and will not impact anything about your experience as a SicEm365 Premium member.


Can I sign up for just a Athlete+ subscription?

No. An Athlete+ subscription (of any level) can only be added to a SicEm365 monthly and annual subscriptions.

Do I have to restart my current subscription to add Athlete?

Yes. Although your current SicEm365 subscription must be restarted, you will receive an automatic credit during the check-out process for what is remaining on your current monthly or annual subscription.

I have a trial, gift or discounted subscription. Can I still add a Athlete+ subscription?

Maybe. Please contact customer support for assistance in setting up a Athlete+ subscription with a non-standard SicEm365 subscription.

Can I add on a monthly Athlete+ subscription to an annual Premium subscription?

No. Because a Athlete+ subscription requires a SicEm365 Premium monthly or annual subscription, the term of both subscription must be synced together.

How do I cancel my Athlete+ subscription?

Like all other SicEm365 subscriptions, the auto-renewal of Athlete+ can be canceled anytime in your account settings up until midnight of the day before your renewal.

Can I gift a Athlete+ subscription?

Not at this time.

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