I think there should be some new thought put into some of the use of the pinned topics that are shared across all sections, especially on the free board and separate sports sections.

I have noticed that forums in the free board have been overwhelmed by old, outdated premium board topics, making them quite messy and hard to sort out posts that are actually intended for the specific board. Obviously, this can be blamed on the lack of post traffic to those boards. Not that many people on the free board are talking about baseball, so all you see are old premium board teasers. But I believe it is possible that more people would join discussion in those forums if the specific topics posted by users in that forum were more visible. That also could encourage more participation that could eventually lead to more subscribers.

I understand that this is intended as a way of letting the poors readers know what they are missing out on by not paying for the premium subscription. But I think it could be done in a far more tidy and organized manner. For example, maybe it could be set up so that premium teaser topics pinned to the other boards expire and disappear after a few days, instead of just becoming unpinned and drifting down into the regular discussion. Then you wouldn't see so many basketball and football topics dominating the baseball forum, for example, or football topics dominating women's basketball forums at certain times of the year.

I would also prefer that he premium side also be divided by separate sports to make it a bit more organized. If you are a premium reader and just want to get the latest football or recruiting scoop it seems like it would be better to have a specific section. This would especially be beneficial for those who are fans of the sports that don't get as much attention as football or men's basketball.

Just my thoughts, which I'm sure will not be shared by many. I'm sure it would be a pain to make these kinds of changes and figure out ways to do it, but I think it's worth some effort to make things a little more organized and manage the flow of information a bit more efficiently for the benefit of many readers.
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