Joseph Ogunbanjo

Joseph Ogunbanjo

6′4″ / 225 lbs
Houston, TX
Alief Taylor
Class of 2018
Rating: 87

National Avg
Rating: 86.6

School Preferences

Official Visit
Arizona State
Texas Tech
Air Force
Colorado State
Louisiana Lafayette
Texas State
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Senior highlight
WATCH: LB Joseph Ogunbanjo talks first visit to Baylor


Colt  Barber
6 yr ago by Colt Barber
Some quick housecleaning notes for today
- I expect a 2019 commitment in the near future. For more on this, check the "2019 note from Grayson" thread.- If Baylor had landed Tommy Bush there might have been more room needed to be made after the spring. - For similar reasons, Baylor took themselves out of the running for Joseph Ogunbanjo after his official visit. I can say that with confidence.- Priority for the second signing period was Johncarlo Valentin and they landed him. Massive pick up on all levels.- Still expecting Baylor to find a QB for 2018. No offers have been extended to any prospects to my knowledge.
Colt  Barber
6 yr ago by Colt Barber
Here's what I know
As you know, Baylor missed out on four-star safety Cam Jones out of Mansfield. Jones, who committed to Nebraska, was encouraged by family to stay closer to home but it was not in the cards. I said a while back that I felt as though if Jones did not land at UCLA that it would be Baylor. I was wrong, but that was also before Scott Frost landed at Nebraska. I had one person tell me that they will wait and see how Jones does in Nebraska. This one particular person didn't see it being a successful move in the longterm. I'm indifferent on the distance from home having a big impact one way or another, honestly. Jones showed he wanted to get away from home by committing to UCLA originally, but I'll be the first to admit (and it's not so hard to see) that Lincoln isn't exactly L.A., but sometimes kids just want to get away. Still no word on Tommy Bush's final official visit, but sounds like he will decide between visiting Arkansas, Baylor and Texas. I don't think Bush lands at Arkansas on signing day, so if he chooses either Baylor or Texas for his final official visit then I think it's safe to say the other in-state program is probably out of contention for his signature.Remember that Tommy told me that Baylor was in his top three along with Georgia and Michigan State. That's been awhile back now and Texas entered back into the picture. If Texas gets the final visit then it's evident that Baylor was replaced in his top three. I am keeping a pulse on the situation closely and will let you know as soon as I know anything. Joseph Ogunbanjo is seriously flirting with Cal after his official visit there last weekend. I love Joey O as a prospect and have said that here several times. He has a great first step and isn't close to having his skills mastered. But if he ends up at Cal, good luck to him. Joey is a terrific student and places a high importance on education. Not that Baylor cannot offer that, but you can do far worse than getting away from home and attending Cal as a student and football player. As an aside, I wouldn't be surprised if Texas A&M looked closer at him in the coming weeks. Same goes for Notre Dame. So, what happens if Baylor strikes out on their two remaining prospects?Personally, I am good with that. I love TB and JO as prospects, but the foundation of the class is set and it is sturdy. I would consider both as luxuries for the future but it allows a couple of things to happen that I would be OK with.1) It allows Baylor to save two spots for the 2019 class, which I think you will see happen if Bush and Ogunbanjo go elsewhere. As you know, the class is already small for 2019 and those two spots could be very valuable if the Bears figure things out on the field.2) By saving the spots for 2019, it creates a possibility for a couple of one-year grad transfers. If it happens, I'm eyeing two of the following three: QB, OL, S. If Baylor has two spots available and takes any combination of those three, it's a net positive for the 2018 season vs. taking Bush and Ogunbanjo.
Colt  Barber
6 yr ago by Colt Barber
A couple of important visits today by the staff
The staff will be out to see uncommitted prospects Joseph Ogunbanjo and Cam Jones today. Both of these guys have already taken official visits to Baylor and the Bears are still in the mix for both.When I get more specific details on these two visits I'll pass along.
Colt  Barber
6 yr ago by Colt Barber
The latest...
- Tommy Bush will take an official visit to Ole Miss this weekend. That will leave him one remaining prior to signing day and Baylor is definitely strong in the mix to get it, according to Tommy. Keep in mind that he has told me and multiple others on several occasions that visiting schools in Texas are not high on his priority list because of the times he has already been on campus. Even if he does not visit, I wouldn't consider that something to worry about regarding his interest in Baylor. - Joseph Ogunbanjo is in a bit of a time crunch right now. He told Amy that the staff has told him he needs to let him know something or he could lose his spot. He will take official visits to Cal and Utah the next two weekends but if he's going to Baylor, he could have informed the staff prior. If he doesn't, Baylor will move on.- That is where Travon King comes in. King is set to take his official visit to Baylor this weekend and his "offer" is contingent on what Joey decides to do based on what I have gathered. He is currently committed to Rutgers. - I've recently posted about a couple of grad transfer QBs from Bowling Green and Stanford, but there are apparently a few more being monitored as well. This probably comes down to space and availability in the class, but Baylor is looking closely at several options currently.
Brian Ethridge
6 yr ago by Brian Ethridge
Update From Today 1/14
Set the alarm for 5:30am.... LOLGot up at 6:15Got out of bed at 6:25 and out the door by 6:50Amy texts at 8:35 if I'm nearTen minutes later I roll up to Brazos ParkingI open the container and the A/C is on....It's 30 with a nice breezeI turn the A/C to heater and it decides to continue to blow semi-warm airWe watch one of the car service vehicles leave the stadium BEAR SIGNAL for Johncarlo Valentin The Kimble's arriveJackson Kimble's dad is 6-8 and played basketball at Air ForceHis mother grew up with Coach Sapp, we interview herShe tells us Coach Sapp stories, one during the interviewGreat peopleBralen Taylor walks up during the interviewIt's 30The studio is just above a meat lockerAmy goes outside to the sunIt isn't warmerBralen sits down, does the interviewDrops some knowledge on usTakes the picture from Twitter standing next to AmyHe's tall, really tall, and filled out from his 221 in February to 230+ nowJoseph Ogunbanjo says he's coming after he talks to Coach Rhule20 minutes passes, Joey says he's done and on his way20 minutes pass and no JoeyText Joey again and no answer20 more minutes and we pack up and drive backI pass Amy on 35Amy tailgates me into Hillsboro (j/k)Go to 7-11 to get a Red Bull and crappy chips that looked enticing at the time.Drive to my son's birthday party and arrive 8 minutes before it startsSee salty tweets on TwitterLaugh, go inside to party
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2 64 18 12.5

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