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Khalil Keith

Offensive Lineman
6′5″ / 305 lbs
Alpine, AL
Class of 2017
Rating: 86

National Avg
Rating: 85.0

School Preferences

Official Visit
Ole Miss
Wake Forest
Florida Atlantic
Jacksonville State
Mississippi State
South Alabama
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Junior Highlight C/o 2017
vs. Camp Footage


Brian Ethridge
2 mo ago by Brian Ethridge
4/10 Practice: Insider Notes
It was such a joy to get down to McLane on Saturday and I wanted to take a little bit to process all I saw at the practice and learned from others around the program while there. The elephants in the room remain quarterback and offensive line. I did a solid five minutes of video on offensive line drills and noted Klinge (precaution), Kimble (surgery), and Keith (minor issue) were held out. Byers was not there at all and I was later told he had an obligation to attend to and was excused. This left 10 players to practice, including transfer/walk-on Jacob Frater and true freshman Connor Heffernan. Both of these guys look out of place in the size category. The other 8 and the three there, but held out look like real DI OL. Starting OL started with Newman at C and Miller at RG. The issues I've seen with Newman at C continued with snaps being low and not consistent. The issues with him being late off the ball and being driven into the backfield also continued and Siaki Ika appeared to pick up the snap count and was dominating the LOS inside and leaving the RBs with little choice but to try to get around that mammoth pile of humanity or be tackled. Once that broke down, the rest of the DL fed off the miscues and made the play in the backfield or minimal gain. Miller moved to C after 4-5 series and the interior blocking improved. Taye McWilliams was able to pop a 40+ yards TD against the 2nd team DL as Miller crossed the NG, turned him, and then made his way to the LB in the hole. On this play, Newman kicked the DL outside. The previous play, Newman was 10 yards deep in the backfield tackling Rob Saulin's penetration. Galvin was solid and remains the best OL. Phillips had ups and downs at RT and Johncarlo Valentin is going to find his way into the mix. Mose Jeffery did not have a good day at RT and appears headed to LG or RG, depending on the C situation. Newman is a team captain, so the situation is one where Newman needs to step up his play or a captain could be on the bench. He has the ability, but it has to click.Micah Mazzccua has good size, but needs to not fall into the Khalil Keith mold of missing the game because he isn't a student of it. The OL still needs to improve and I can see the technique from Mateos drilling it into all of them, but there needs to be more dudes and not JAGS. The physical size is there. The coaching is there. It is on the players to execute now. Quarterback was a shock to see Blake Shapen run out for the first series. The RS Freshman has a lively arm and moxy, but it got the best of him on a seam route to Tyquan Thornton as Jalen Pitre was able to undercut it and take it back 50+ yards on the interception. Jacob Zeno came in and looked more poised than last year and was able to make plays and lead the team to scores against the 2nd team DL. The throws were essentially all good and he looked to take command in this practice. I'll state that once more, this practice. ONE PRACTICE.Gerry Bohanon came on third and took that amount of reps and struggled at times and flashing at times. Running behind the 2nd team OL was likely frustrating as pressure was coming from JACK and DL on each snap. In other practices, Bohanon has been best, per those around the program, so the battle isn't over between the three.Kyron Drones drips with ability, but his development will take a bit of time and he'll be one to watch going forward. He had a beautiful pass dropped in the end zone. The pass is one we would not have seen last year as it required a different arm strength.All four have more arm talent than Charlie, but each will need to become the winner he was at the DI level. Running backs were bigger. Much bigger than the previous two years. Nothing to add here as they're talented and just need holes. Wide receivers look to have taken a big jump. RJ Sneed was in the slot, along with Gavin Holmes and each made great plays. Holmes hauled in a TD across the middle and then left to have his foot/ankle retaped and was held out for the remaineder of the practice. Thorntion was back to running with his speed, but the one that popped off the field was Jackson Gleeson. The speedster from Mansfield looks to be healthy and serious to make an impression. I knew he was fast, but to see him accellerate and run away from a DB with an angle was special. Javon Gipson and Elijah Bean showed better than usual freshmen when compared to the current players on campus. Jaylen Ellis also had some athletic plays and a TD where he adjusted to the ball, threw the DB down, and then drug him into the end zone. DL is deep. Nothing to add, but extremely happy there.LB looked good/great.DB group looked good. Barnes got beat for a TD.Ask away
The FRO: Mid-year transfer updates, QBs on the recruiting trail
3 mo ago by SicEm365 Staff
The FRO: Mid-year transfer updates, QBs on the recruiting trail
In Facts, Rumors & Opinions (aka FRO), the SicEm365 staff compiles their knowledge and speculation from a number of conversations for a piece to cover a variety of interesting topics on Baylor University and Baylor Athletics including football, basketball and recruiting.
Football: Gains Since 2020 Season
3 mo ago by Brian Ethridge
Football: Gains Since 2020 Season
A view of the players with new weight gains since the Fall of 2020 and a few losses
Ten Things: West Virginia
1 yr ago by Brian Ethridge
Ten Things: West Virginia
Tean things that stuck out during the game
Brian Ethridge
2 yr ago by Brian Ethridge
Scrimmage Video Breakdown - Starts with Allen Anderson doing jumping jacks:05-:06 - JaMycal Hasty walking:07 - #37 Mark Milton walking in with Henry Klinge (offense green/defense white):08-:09 - #17 Devontre Stricklin, #89 Trevor White, #95 John Mayers, #19 Brandon Bass, and #30 run onto the field:10 - #31 Harrison Hand in backpedal:11-12 - OL and DL lined up:12-13 - #36 Drew Galitz kicks off with #23 Kalon Barnes and #80 Jackson Gleeson on kickoff coverage:13-:14 - #49 Chad Kelly jumps, #72 Blake Blackmar #77 Patrick Lawrence is blocking #91 Rob Saulin #15 Chris Miller is on a blitz, and #84 Jalen Hurd catches the ball:15-:16 - #28 Henry Black gets blocked by #27 John Lovett and then #21 Josh Fleeks pops on the screen with a cut into open space and jukes #49 Chad Kelly:16-:17 is #21 Josh Fleeks shaking #27 Verkedric Vaughns out of his jock with #77 Patrick Lawrence and #61 Khalil Keith opening the hole and #98 Chidi Ogbonnaya crushing Fleeks from behind:18 Trestan Ebner burns down the sideline past #46 Ross Matiscik with #75 Eleasah Anderson running beside him and #52 Greg Roberts chasing:19 #81 Tyquan Thornton comes down with a long pass with coverage from #22 JT Woods and #35 Zeke Brown:20 #81 Tyquan Thornton comes down with another against #35 Zeke Brown and #22 JT Woods trailing:21-:23 #15 Denzel Mims gets a touchdown against Kalon Barnes :24-:25 #81 Tyquan Thornton tips a high pass #14 Grayland Arnold trails and #42 Jairon McVea intercepts it:26-:28 #23 Kalon Barnes or Jared Atkinson catches a ball on the sidelines over #37 Mark Milton :29-:30 #33 JaMycal Hasty gets around #38 Jordan Williams and #43 James Lockhart :31 Kalon Barnes or Jared Atkinson gets behind #37 Mark Milton :32-:34 #84 Jalen Hurd gets behind #15 Chris Miller and #31 Harrison Hand :35-:37 #13 Tony Nicholson catches a pass and #81 Tyquan Thornton blocks #35 Byron Hanspard with #39 Colby Delashaw getting juked by NicholsonFades to black
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