Tough to keep watching these pressers after a loss. But, really unloaded on Jaden. Wow. She left it at the feet of the players

Honestly I like some of it. But, so much of this is on coaching too.

We aren't good at on ball defense. But, play on ball defense so much.

Recruit better. Get different transfers In if they can't match your offense or defense.

How about recruit a point? You had 2 off seasons and transfers to get one. How about a post coach. Two off seasons and transfer cycles.

If you like the three so much. How about recruit a shooter? Bella and Buggs??? They are not three takers. Especially Buggs.

Coach what the heck are you trying to do? You look flipping lost. You can't have an offense with no post offense. You have one guard who can slash. You have limited three shooters. Only two are shooters.

What the heck are you doing???