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SicEm365 Staff Predictions for Baylor's Final Big 12 Matchup against No. 3 Texas

September 22, 2023

The SicEm365 Staff gives their predictions for what is likely Baylor’s final matchup against No.3 Texas as conference mates. Kickoff is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Saturday at McLane Stadium and will be televised on ABC.

Cole Tompkins -
According to Caesars Sportsbook, Baylor is a 15-point underdog against No. 3 Texas, and the over/under is 51.5.

Colt Barber — Texas 34, Baylor 20

I wish I could find a path to a Baylor victory here, but without some crazy, unexpected happenings, Baylor isn’t going to be able to do enough on offense to get this. I’m hoping the home crowd can energize the team and give us a fourth-quarter contest

Brian Ethridge — Baylor 31, Texas 30

Let the referee conspiracies begin. 

Ashley Hodge — Baylor 27, Texas 24

There is absolutely zero evidence that would indicate Baylor will pull off the upset against a Texas team that looks headed for the CFP.  How would any sane person pick Baylor?  Let's get crazy!  RIP CFP dreams, Horns down forever. 

David Smoak — Texas 38, Baylor 16

There are no moral victories because either you win, or you don’t, and nothing outside of “that’s why they play the games” gives me reason to believe Baylor will flip the script. Baylor will need to force turnovers and UT has turned the ball over once in three games while forcing six on defense. So, to date, they’ve protected the football, and not sure the Bears can be disruptive enough to create havoc.

Paul Catalina — Texas 52, Baylor 10

I have seen nothing that makes me think Baylor can stop Texas or score on them. The Horns are as good as they have been in a very long time. I will be happy to be gloriously wrong here, but the Bears need to show some fire for the first time this season. 

Craig Smoak — Texas 37, Baylor 24

The Bears make things exciting and ride the wave of a hot crowd, but ultimately can't quite match Texas' firepower in crunch time. Still, a memorable night at McLane and an "I was there" event that doesn't come around often. 

Travis Roeder — Baylor 31, Texas 28

I have no reason to predict this other than it's the first big night game at McLane in what feels like years. There will be many students. Baylor is without two of its best offensive players. The defense appears quite bad. But college football sometimes makes no sense, and I think the atmosphere gets the win here and players will naturally be at 100% in such an atmosphere. If there are energy issues for this game ...

Jack Mackenzie - SicEm365
Saturday’s matchup will likely be the final time Baylor and Texas play as conference foes.

Kendall Kaut — Baylor 24, Texas 21

Screw it. Final game against Texas. Dave Aranda needs a win to boost his dwindling approval rating. Texas isn't that good. A blowout is the most likely outcome, but never doubt Texas' ability to squander resources that only Aggie could blow it with. If Baylor loses by more than 30, Aranda should be coaching for his job against UCF. If Baylor loses by more than 40, Aranda should no longer be coaching.  Give me zen one more time, though, in the final time.

Grayson Grundhoefer — Texas 30, Baylor 24

I think there are going to be quite a few inconsistencies from Quinn Ewers in this game as the Baylor defense makes significantly more plays than people expect. Baylor is in the game throughout because of that, but the offense simply can’t score enough to make up for the couple of big plays Texas will hit on. Very good game, but at the end of the day this is the most talented team Baylor will play all year, and that talent wins out.

Jack Mackenzie — Texas 38, Baylor 17

The longer Bayor has the ball, the closer this game will be. I don’t know how much the Bears will be able to do that, and I don’t know how well they will be able to convert possessions into points. The Baylor defense will struggle to stop the Horns more than once.

Garrett Ross — Texas 63, Baylor 9

It’s going to take a miracle for Baylor to find the end zone, much less get a victory over the third-ranked Longhorns on Saturday. Texas is superior to Baylor depth and talent-wise, but it’s an opportunity for the young Bears to shine on a national stage.

Emory Winter — Baylor 34, Texas 30

Coming up on the 49th anniversary of the Miracle on the Brazos, the Bears somehow get the job done. No matter how the Bears come out at the beginning of the game, the crowd will keep them in it. Sawyer will connect with Monaray on a long ball, as one of the fastest players in college football has himself a game. The defense will look like a classic Baylor bend-don't-break, and the game will end in a storming of the field. S-I-C EM.

Levi Caraway — Texas 34, Baylor 23

The Longhorns are far superior, talent-wise. But if there’s one thing that’s been true over the last decade about the University of Texas, it’s that they manage to undermine expectations. Should they win Saturday in convincing fashion? Absolutely. Will they? I guess we’ll have to find out. If Baylor comes out with energy and focus, anything can happen.

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SicEm365 Staff Predictions for Baylor's Final Big 12 Matchup against No. 3 Texas

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5 homer picks ensuring it will not happen.
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A colleague of mine who graduated from UT said to me, "I hope we show up for the fourth quarter and finish." I responded "I just hope we show up!"

I don't have a good feeling about this mismatch. I just haven't seen that much love for the game of football this season by the Bears. On the other hand, Texas seems more focused, more talented, and better coached. Moreover, their strengths play to our weaknesses.

I think we're looking a whole lot more at 49-13 Texas in this one.
"Smarter than the Average Bear."
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Curious that almost all of the picks have Texas winning by a sizable margin with only 3 picking Baylor by only 3 or 4. Thanks basketball guys! I prefer to be optimistic too, but I don't have much confidence.

The game has lots of potential for excitement, especially with the students leading the way.
Killing Floor
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I appreciate pure, unconditional homerism. I'm a lifer Falcons fan too. I get it. Being a fan means believing against all odds.
We have a wholly terrible quarterback. We have a buffoon of a coach who has complete confidence in our terrible quarterback. And our O line is D2. This is going to be a mass murder. And my Horn wife will be jabbing me all the way home.

Sic'em Bears. I'll be there in green.
BaylorLit 01
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Anyone picking a Baylor win had lost all credibility. I just hope we make it competitive.
Cove Dawg
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49-10 Texas, going to be a long night for the picklemen.
Dia del DougO
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Aranda brings a brilliant defensive scheme and the energized Baylor team leads at halftime, 21-13. Texas makes adjustments, Baylor slow to respond, Horns controls the third quarter, capitalizes on a couple of turnovers, pulls away in the fourth and takes it 41-24.
"The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you're uncool."
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Baylor will make it a game the first half. The second half will be full of mistakes and it will be humiliating to watch the less physical Bears fold up like a lawn chair, The sky is the limit as for as the score. I can see Paul Catalina's prediction to be spot on.
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