Great coverage as usual guys!

I just want to reinforce what you were saying about the millions of dollars of free PR that came with the Lady Bears winning it all. I live in Tampa and our family attended all sessions of the final four and Championship. What a great experience that was for us, but what fans who weren't here may not know is that Baylor made real strides in national recognition through other events that were taking place around the final four games. One of my coworkers here in Tampa has two very talented daughters that both play on the best developmental touring basketball teams in Florida. They were so impressed by the Lady Bears both on the court and during the other events here in Tampa associated with the final four that they have become Baylor fans. In fact, one of his daughters wants to become a future Lauren Cox type player. That's anecdotal evidence to be sure, but I think your point about free PR is not overstated.

Sic'Em Bears!