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Top 10 Quotes From Matt Rhule's Introductory Presser

December 8, 2016

Ranking the top 10 quotes from new Baylor head football coach Matt Rhule's introductory press conference on Wednesday evening at McLane Stadium.

1. "I also came because if you're a high school coach, you want to be around the best. If you're a college coach, you want to be around the best. And I wanted to come to a state, the great state of Texas, where high school football is better than anywhere else in the country. I wanted to come be around the best high school coaches in the country."

2. "See, teams come and go, but great programs are marked by the longevity. They're marked by how many great teams they put back to back. And there's about six things we want from this program. Number one, we want to win championships. We want to win the Big 12 Championship. We want to win the National Championship. I didn't come here for anything else. We want to win at the highest level because we should."

3. "The hardest part was I got a phone call yesterday from my wife, and I'm sitting in the office, I'm trying to start recruiting, trying to start watching these fantastic football players. I'm trying to say goodbye to Temple, and she emphatically told me that we had to go downtown and go clothes shopping. I tried on about 12 green blazers and five green ties because I plan on wearing green for a while. So it's been a wonderful time, so thank you."

4. "We're going to bring the No. 3 ranked defense in the country here. We're going to play great defense, and we're going to have a dynamic offense. Some of the guys started getting a little nervous when I walked in because they saw the Navy game and saw us run it like 72 times. I learned very quickly from Coach Coughlin that you take your great players and you let them be great. So we're going to have a tremendous defense. We're going to have a dynamic offense, and we're going to be a team that doesn't beat itself."

5. " But in every way, we're going to try to make sure that these guys understand that giving is the ultimate form of living, and I can see already that they understand it now. We want to give back to the community. We want to affect the lives of little kids. You know what, you never know when you meet a little kid what he's been through, what he's going through, and sometimes just seeing one of their heroes and their hero actually spending some time with them, man, that can change a kid's life, and when you change a kid's life, you change the world, and that's what these guys and I am proud to be able to do."

6. "So as I stand here, I want the coaches and the players that we're going to go out and recruit, the coaches that we're going to visit with to know that we're all about the same thing. If you come to Baylor and you come to play for me, that you're going to get loved and you're going to get developed each and every day because that's hard. That's not easy. Coaches say that but they don't always want to do that. But that's all that we did at Temple. That's all we're going to do at Baylor because that's our purpose, to spend all of our time developing our players."

7. "And the last thing is we want to have fun while we do this. A lot of this isn't very fun. A lot of this is -- as I told them, we're going to compete every day. We're going to go out there, we're going to work harder than anybody else in the country. We're going to walk into games we've put more into it than the people we play against. But when you have a chance, you have to have fun."

8. "While winning is fun, you know what's fun? Grinding with your brothers, spending time with the guy next to you in something that's hard, fighting for something that everybody believes in. We want to have fun. Coaches aren't going to just be coaches. We're going to be partners. I told those guys already, my jump shot is ready, my 2K game is ready, my ping-pong game is beyond ready. We're going to have fun and compete in everything that we do."

9. "See, what people don't understand is that high school coaches all across the country, everywhere, no one does more for young people now than high school coaches. They develop them. They love them. They coach them. They invest their time in them. They pick them up when they're down. They help them when they need help. They're there for them every step of the way, win, lose or draw"

10. "When all that's done, when you have a program that does all that, you can look at your team, and they're going to win a lot of games and they're going to win championships, but when you see the team walking off the field playing the game as hard as they can possibly play it to the best of their ability, when you see them cross the stage, when you see them out in the community, you can say to yourself, I'm proud of those guys. Those guys are champions"
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Top 10 Quotes From Matt Rhule's Introductory Presser

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