Since I don't know exactly where to post this, I'm going to cross post in the P&R, Chit Chat, and Recruiting forums and let the Mods decide where it belongs. Hopefully, this can become a place for us to discuss RE trends, network, celebrate success, and blow off steam if/when things go poorly. I'll start.

Recently, I've been getting into the investing side of the industry and am currently looking to acquire cash flow properties such as rentals, storage units, etc. The plan is to build up passive income so I can run off to the mountains whenever I want! The area that I have been primarily focused on is the I35 corridor from San Antonio to the DFW metroplex, although I'm open to pretty much anything, anywhere, as long as the numbers work.

A little about myself, I am a RE agent in the San Antonio and Austin area that graduated from BU in '06. I try to get to as many Football and Basketball games as possible. Unfortunately, the last game I was able to attend was the 2020 basketball game @ WVU. Even though the outcome wasn't great, I highly recommend the trip If anyone is so inclined.

I'll be looking forward to talking shop with y'all. Sic 'em!