Jai Jones

5′11″ / 230 lbs
Dallas, TX
South Oak Cliff
Class of 2021
Rating: 86

National Avg
Rating: 86.7

School Preferences

Official Visit
Boise State
Alabama A&M
Bowling Green
Georgia Tech
Louisiana Tech
Texas A&M
Utah State
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Three-star LB Jai Jones discusses his Junior Day visit and future recruitment plans
Jai Jones Freshman Highlights
Jai Jones Junior Highlights


2 mo ago by Grayson Grundhoefer
The Gray Area: Unveiling SicEm365's Final 25 in the Texas Top 100
SicEm365 recruiting expert Grayson Grundhoefer keeps you up-to-date with his weekly column
6 mo ago by Grayson Grundhoefer
Three-star LB Jai Jones discusses his Junior Day visit and future recruitment plans
2021 linebacker Jai Jones (Dallas, TX/South Oak Cliff) talks with SicEm365's Grayson Grundhoefer following his Junior Day visit at Baylor.
6 mo ago by Brian Ethridge
Jr Day Observations (3/1/20)
First of all, I hope everyone listened to the preview podcast Grayson and I did on Friday. It is weird to say it, but this staff feels like a hungry lion on the prowl for recruits. Here are some general observations I pulled out of the conversations I had off camera with the recruits, parents, grandparents, and even girlfriends of the prospects which came to the studio to be interviewed.Rushed - The event was to last until 6, but some prospects, like Javon Gipson had seen enough and were ready to be interviewed at 4:45. Grayson and I rushed over as we were planning on setting up at 5pm. It takes 15-20 minutes to get everything set up, but I got there, found a way in Brazos Parking to leave spots for recruits, opened the container, then Grayson drove up on the sidewalk to leave more room, and then Gipson arrived. We set up the cameras, got head shots, pics, etc. and did 14 or so interviews in about 2 hours. It was non-stop, but fun again. I hadn't felt that fun since 2016. Family - All the prospects mentioned the family feel. This wasn't unique to any other staff, but Baylor makes prospects feel like family when they come in. Baylor is small, it is unique, everybody knows everybody, and so on. It was good to hear that hasn't changed with the new staff.Excitement - With the addition of several top notch recruiters to the coaching staff, it was great to see the "ranked talent" on campus as it was all of the legit ranked talent. I saw it as they walked up, ran up, etc. to be interviewed. To talk about the staff, how the staff made them feel. Talent level - I mentioned it to Jerry Jones, father of Jai Jones and Jaylen Jones, as we turned around and there stood Jai, Tyrone Brown, Kendrick Blackshire, and Jordan Crook, that it was all the linebackers you'd need to win a National Championship. He just nodded and mentioned it was all in Dallas, except Tyrone. Tyrone, Romario, and Javon have started recruiting the other players. When Jack Tucker walked up they were on him about becoming a Bear. Tucker wants to take visits, but I still feel good on him being a Bear.I didn't recognize Matthew Wykoff at first as he's filled out. I talked with him and his parents after, because I feel he's the best OT in the state and his ranking is too low. He just said, "Rankings don't matter to me a bit, but I appreciate it." Baylor has made a great impression on him, but he's got everyone on him, just like the other 7-8 stud OTs in the state for 2021.Did I mention how fun this felt again? I also realized Cameron Bonner's mother and I worked together for several years. We talked for about 45 minutes catching up after everyone left. She loves Baylor and did back when I worked with her. She's a great individual and Cameron has taken after her and his grandmother who gave him interviewing tips before he got behind the microphone with Grayson and after he was done.
6 mo ago by Grayson Grundhoefer
Junior Day Preview: Incredible amount of defensive talent visiting
Defensive talent on campus will be deep and full of highly sought after prospects during Baylor's Junior Day.
8 mo ago by Brian Ethridge
New And Notes Around NLA Dallas Camp
Wanted to do a quick rundown on several pieces that were there today. Jack Tucker looked much better. He's 263 today after an illness. Said he measured 6-8 and looking at my video of us together I look like I'm standing downhill. Robert Keller of Frisco Memorial mentioned Coach Nixon contacting him for Baylor. His father hopes Nixon stays, really likes him.Garfield Lawrence looks the part, shows at times, but seemed a bit lost in the event. Terrell Tilmon looked good. Really good at times. Vincent Paige is a LB playing DE, but he talked about Texas and OU coming by the school to see him, but they couldn't yet. He'll play a hybrid DE at Nolan Catholic, which is essentially a stand up DE that has coverage responsibilities. Jai Jones is legit, but he got concussed when his head hit the turf with no helmet. It was painful to watch, but his future is bright and his dad loves Aranda. Said they only looked at LSU because of him. He fits the defense, so look for Aranda to be in his ear as much as he can. They've talked to him. Issue could be twin brother Jalen Jones not having a Baylor offer at this time. He's coming back from a PCL tear and will be ready to play in March. Jalen is about an inch shorter, 5-10.5 vs. Jai at 5-11.5, but dad is 6-2 and both are 16.Kevin Young is quick, but JD Price is ridiculous and a 2022. Jordan Jenkins is a big kid and I could see him at LB, but one of the coaches at the camp told me he's a workhorse in their district. Loved the kid. Isaiah Broadway looks the part and was explosive. He could also be a LB with his frame. Aaron Dumas looks good, but didn't have the burst of the ones mentioned above. He looks to be a 4.6 type. Brian Okoye of Sachse is going to be a stud for 2022, he's 6-0 200 and going to be 225 in college. He's lean and twitchy.Green twins weren't there and I didn't watch the receivers much. Did talk to Jasper Lott and he won MVP and I expect Baylor to say hello soon. Marsel McDuffie is going to make some people hurt with pads on. Aggressive and thick with good speed (Now watch him drop a crappy time). Jackson Bailey needs an offer. Wow. OTHER NOTESPlenty of Joey McGuire talk, but nobody would take up my bet that he stays. Plenty of talk that he should have been let go to avoid division on the team as soon as something goes bad. I told them they didn't know Joey if they thought that would be an issue. Every recruit mentioned their respect for Dave Aranda. How well he'd recruited them at LSU. How they trusted him and would like to play for him. As I posted above, Jai Jones dad was super pumped about him. So was Avyonne Jones dad. He was all about Aranda. Robert Keller's dad also said he was an LSU alum, so if Baylor were to offer he'd have the best of both worlds with a great coach and close to home for someone he thinks will stay for some time. There was some serious butthurt as well with people not happy Joey didn't get the job, but, so be it, he didn't and he's recruiting for Baylor, just as Shawn Bell is according to a couple of kids. Jack Tucker gave a fist pump when he asked if Coach Bell was in Waco or with the Panthers.
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