I think it is hard to gauge a game like that, but I took away all positives from the game.

1.) What a nice day for a September opener. Nearly no humidity. Most of the stadium was in the shade. I didn't break a sweat. Normally September openers are brutal in central Texas.

2.) We beat that team the way we should have, and that's recognizing that Aranda took his foot off the gas in the second half.

3.) I know some people hate scheduling lower division opponents. but it sure is good to help build your depth. - And we really needed it at the QB position prior to conference play. We have to develop some depth behind Bohannon and we need more than practices to make that happen. We were able to get reps for both Zeno and Shapen, which is really good for this team going forward.

4.) Abram is a tank.

5.) Bohannon is clearly QB1.

6.) Defense is actually going to be pretty good once they get some game conditioning. I know it's hard to tell with a game like last week's, but our defense is clearly heads above where we were even in the Briles era.

7.) McLane is just an incredible place to watch college football on a Saturday evening.

8.) Texas Southern was first class - from the players, coaches, fans, and that awesome band. Yeah, they wore full uniforms on Saturday and didn't let it affect their performance. I'd like to see if we could get them back again some day. But, kudos to Texas State. I was really impressed overall and now probably a fan going forward.

The only bad I really witnessed was that we have a concession called "Po Boys" that wasn't selling Po Boys.

Other than that, I had a great time. Baylor, you have some awesome fans; you just need more numbers. If we could duplicate the fan base that was there on Saturday going forward and fill up the place, it's going to be an exciting atmosphere and will help sell that we are indeed a big time college football program.

I love me some Baylor football.
"Smarter than the Average Bear."