We appear confused, slow and uncoached. Talent level degraded since Ruhle/Briles and we are trying to run a dull scheme, in dull uniforms, without the athletes to run it. A run first offense with no run blockers. Steele had no funds/facilities. This is not the problem. Baylor has stepped way up in these areas. Failure in coaching/scheme has resulted in recruiting players without the talent to be competitive in today's Big 12. We have fallen to the bottom after being Champions just 2 years ago. S/C appears to be nonexistent although we have the facilities. Under Briles we were world class. This staff has led us to the bottom. At this point another I expect no future wins unless at the end we face a team who has thrown in the towel. Been a Baylor man for 70 years and this is the worst. The good news is in today's environment with a new staff/scheme and the portal it can be a quicker turnaround. Plenty of athletes out there as well a examples of schools who have turned it around. Sicem!