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AJ McCarty

5′11″ / 180 lbs
Brownwood, TX
Class of 2020
Rating: 86

National Avg
Rating: 84.5

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Baylor CB commit AJ McCarty discusses his official visit and spring plans
Baylor commit AJ McCarty talks about his Baylor visit on Saturday
Adonis McCarty Jr. Season


Ten Things: Baylor at Kansas State
11 days ago by Brian Ethridge
Ten Things: Baylor at Kansas State
Baylor travels to Manhattan to take on the Wildcats with a chance to remain in the Big 12 Championship race
Brian Ethridge
2 mo ago by Brian Ethridge
Monday Notes
I had some notes and wanted to put them in an article, but I'm still a bullet point guyConnor Galvin played well despite having a fingers taped together due to an injury against Texas Southern. If anyone has injured their hand and then has to use it in a week, there is pain, but the likely future NFL draftee showed his toughness and played without issue. Siaki Ika has been a lightning rod of sorts with some on the board not understanding the position and Apu hasn't done the best job early with his conditioning and play vs. Texas State and suspension for team rules violation against Texas Southern. Saturday started to show what he is capable of with some excellent disruption and controlling the middle. The issue isn't his talent, it is conditioning. Being far from home, he had gained bad weight and was closer to 400 against Texas State than his listed weight. He's dropped close to 30 pounds since then and you saw a difference in his play. Once he gets near the 330-340 range, the conditioning will be better as will his play. Garmon Randolph got his first run of the season and the 6-7 JACK was disruptive in his limited time on the field. He was the projected starter before an injury and this has forced Matt Jones to JACK despite having little time in Fall at the position. Anthony Anyanwu was starting at JACK before a fracture in his lower leg sidelined him after the last scrimmage. He's expected to return in 2-4 weeks and the defense will get another boost with his return.Raleigh Texada is lonely and I don't remember Kansas throwing his way in the game. AJ McCarty seemed to replace him when the subs came in, so it will be interesting if he has moved ahead of Mark Milton or the camera work was just ESPN+
Brian Ethridge
3 mo ago by Brian Ethridge
Practice Notes: The Strength Of The Defense?
I know Ashley and Colt have their notes coming as well, but I had a surprising note come to me. It was about the secondary being the strength of practice so far. There could be some negative stances on this, but there are also sources saying the WRs have stepped it up during practice and Tyquan Thornton is standing out with his new size and strength on display. RJ Sneed remains reliable and makes every catch, but all are being blanketed by the secondary and the instruction of Kevin Curtis. Brian Stewart raised the bar and Curtis has run with it. The attention to watching film in the DB room is among the best on the team and it is paying off. The CBs are able to keep their heads inside during an outside press with their speed.Raleigh Texada continues to be leader at CB and best on the field. Kalon Barnes has a little more height, but is still in his progression as a CB. He has the physical tools, but he can get his feet flipped at times on breaks, which leads to open receivers where he has to rely on athleticism to make the play. Chateau Reed is the surprise as he continues to do things he shouldn't be able to do at his size and youth. Extreme athlete is what one person told me. AJ McCarty is still growing into the position, but will see time on the field early in the season to get ready for conference play. He as the speed and strength, but needs to trust technique. Alfahiym Walcott is another big CB moved from safety that is pushing Barnes and will see the field matched up on outside big WRs. Byron Hanspard and Brandon White are the two running 3rd now. White continues to move from CB and S and back after his injury. Mark Milton continues to improve as well and could slide to safety in an emergency. Zeke Brown, now on scholarship, isn't going to hurt you.Christian Morgan is up to 215 and ready for a breakout. Physicality has never been an issue and his athleticism is still there at this weight. JT Woods is also close to 200 and his length is allowing him to get to balls and make it more difficult for QBs to go over him. Mike Harris continues to improve and gain strength. Jairon McVea is solid and better in his new role and understands the entire secondary. Devin Neal is backing up Morgan and able to step in as a starter in 2022. Neal is not afraid of contact and improving in coverage and understanding of the defese. Walk-on Colby Delashaw returns from an ACL injury this season and has added good weight. He likely would have played last year before the injury on the final play in 2020 fall camp. Don't be surprised if he gets on the field against Texas State and Texas Southern besides special teams. Jalen Pitre, Lorando Johnson, Jr., and Devin Lemear are all going to make an impact, but I see them as more LB than S, but each has coverage skills and the ability to stop a TE or slot and as Mims from OU found out, don't think it'll be easy for you on a slip screen.Tevin Williams, Cisco Caston, Romario Noel, are built like Reed, Walcott, and Woods, and as athletic.
Brian Ethridge
7 mo ago by Brian Ethridge
Post Practice Takeaways 4/17: Defense
First of all, I have to preface that the defense is still missing three of the best players in Terrel Bernard, TJ Franklin, and Gabe Hall. Tyrone Brown was also missing and looks great without pads. Defensive LineSiaki Ika is a difference maker. One I have never seen in a Baylor uniform at this size. We can talk Billings, Tayler, Dotson, etc and none were 360+ moving like this with no stop and able to change direction like him. Just truly fun to watchChidi Ogbonnaya is much bigger and healthy. He's going to be able to give valuable minutes beside or behind Apu.Rob Saulin looks like he's not battling Covid and has put on great weight. The 5th year Senior gets off the ball well and at DE in this 3-4, he'll occupy blockers and get some pressure upfield as he did today.Jackson Shupp is a walk-on getting time with two other DL out and he holds his own and made plays. You love to see a guy like this with a motor that doesn't stop and anyone in front of him can't take a break.Brayden Utley was a walk-on until last year and he started out with the 1st and rotated with the 2s as well. At 6-1 270, he's a guy that is going to muddy up the outside, which allows LBs to run free.Garmon Randolph is so full of potential and he flashes it more now than he did in 2020. At 265, he still looks lean and like he could be 290 and be a taller James Franis/Julius Denton athlete. As a sophomore, his NFL potential will be something to watch. Joshua Landry ran at NT and LDE during the practice and I didn't really notice him during the practice, besides running with 1s and 2s.I don't remember seeing Ryan Miller Cole Maxwell has grown and he made one play that made me smile by flushing Zeno out of the pocket and into the arms of a JACK. Overall the defensive line is loaded. LOADED and there is no true dropoff and they can challenge the 2019 line in dominance, which brings us to the next position...LinebackersAgain, missing TB and Tyrone Brown, but deep with talent and speedJACKAshton Logan is noticeably bigger and knows his position. He's getting pushed by Victor Obi who, like Randolph, doesn't look his weight, but he's active and long. He swoops like a condor outside with his wingspanBryson Jackson looks like he's shot out of a cannon on pass rushing and flat ran past Galvin on one play. He had other flashes where it was great to see the Senior putting his foot down and going upfield in pursuit of the ball carrier or QBAnthony Anyanwu looks like an NFL LB in size and his first step is still explosive. He's a little behind Logan, Obi, and Jackson, but he's not needed this second or season, but he'll be readyWill Garner also looks good physically, but I don't remember him outside of warmupsILBDillon Doyle is more decisive and in so, his speed to the ball has improved. He seems to be everywhere and teaming him with Bernard and Pitre is going to be fun to watchSpeaking of Abram Smith, he overwhelms with speed and physicality, but I turned to Gary and Smoaky during practice and said, "I'm not so sure he shouldn't be at RB, but he definitely should be going both ways at this point to get him on the field."Matt Jones is also more decisive and stronger. He's gotten after the ball carrier with bad intentions at each of the last practices I've attended. Will Williams missed a read on an Abram Smith TD run, but he's going to be someone to watch with his speed on the fieldI don't remember seeing Hakeem Vance Brooks Miller laid the wood on Abram Smith and he got up a little woosy, but continued on. Abram got another 2-3 yards after contact, but it was violent.Tyrone Brown from WOS was out there with the 2s and didn't look lost and made a play or twoSTAR or whatever it is called now and other SafetiesJalen Pitre is Pitre. Enough saidJT Woods got a solid lick in run support and on RJ Sneed as he broke free on the sideline. He looks bigger and more confident in the systemChristian Morgan is also bigger and not blowing assignments as he did against a couple of teams in 2020. Solid and physicalLorando Johnson, Jr. was a CB and is now a safety and his athleticism there is noticeable. His interception on Shapen against Fleeks in the end zone was beautiful. He also supported well on running plays.I was looking for Devin Neal and Mike Harris, but don't remember seeing either, which is good and bad, I guessDevin Lemear and Jairon McVea are two more safeties I didn't notice. Again, they didn't screw up or make a play I rememberCornersNobody with throw on Raleigh Texada, just weird, but he's pressing, redirecting WRs in routes, and looks greatKalon Barnes does have the QBs testing him and he looks more natural in his backpedal and mirroringLoving the move of Alfahiym Walcott to CB. He's physical and can run. Looked good.AJ McCarty is always around the ball. He's a year away, IMO.I don't remember seeing Chateau Reed or Brandon White or Byron Hanspard Zeke Brown was in with the 3s and he got his first INT and start against OSU last yearMark Milton has improved his technique and footwork. He's going to be a serviceable #2, but Walcott is going to push himI can't say more about how impressed I am with this unit. Being on the field level with them is like being next to some NFL sized teams. Several sources told us they had really seen improvement under the new weight staff, but damn, it is noticeable from the distance we are asked to be at from them.
Weightlifters Of The Day: Peak Offseason Ending
8 mo ago by Brian Ethridge
Weightlifters Of The Day: Peak Offseason Ending
Which players and positions are leading the way in the offseason lifting and conditioning
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