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Sights and Sounds of Baylor's Spring Game

April 23, 2022

Baylor held the 2022 Spring Game April 23 and here are quck observations of the game at McLane Stadium.

  1. It is windy. Tired of the wind. Expecting it to affect the passing game, especially the deep ball
  2. Decent crowd on hand
  3. Seth Jones‍ running first team WR and Taye McWilliams‍ at running back to start the game
  4. Offensive line looks strong, but the defensive line makes the play on 3rd and short. OL from left tackle to right tackle, Galvin, Mose, Gall, Miller, Keith. 
  5. Kyron Drones‍ comes out with the second team for the Gold team. Expecting the second team OL to struggle a bit and they create a nice hole for Jordan Jenkins‍ to get them off the goal line
  6. First team defense isn’t going to be fooled on the jet sweep
  7. Jenkins is going to be a load late in the games as he moves the pile over and over
  8. Drones running brings a different dimension with his option game
  9. Game is much more physical than in 2020 or 2021. Some great popping going on
  10. Anthony Anyanwu‍ looks good
  11. Will Williams‍ and Anywanwu are fast to the ball. Going to be fun to watch the battle with Josh White‍, Matt Jones‍, and Garmon Randolph‍ at WILL and JACK. 
  12. Blake Shapen‍ getting the second series with the Green team and hits Gavin Holmes‍ up the seam. Hits Javon Gipson‍ on a crossing route. 
  13. Tevin Williams‍ comes up strong in run support and punts Monaray Baldwin‍ out of bounds. Williams follows it up with a pass breakup on Josh Cameron‍ on a post
  14. Cooper Lanz‍ with a pass breakup 10 yards downfield. There doesn’t seem to be a dropoff when either defense is on the field
  15. Ben Sims‍ with back to back catches and he’s giong to get a real shot to pla on Sunday as he drags the defense for 10+ yards
  16. Shapen undertrhows Drake Dabney‍ or it would have been a touchdown and not allowed Tyrone Brown‍ to make the play
  17. SQWIRL with a nice run and that ends the first quarter with Gold up 3-0
  18. Craig Williams‍ just brings an added level of speed from the backfield and he scores a touchdown on his next carry. Let the hype train commence.
  19. CJ Rogers‍ in for the second series with the Gold and runs the jet sweep with Cameron Bonner‍ for his second touch fo the day, both jet sweeps. 
  20. First team defense is starting to turn it up a bit and getting pressure on Rogers now.
  21. Gerry Bohanon‍ struggling a little on this drive with his reads
  22. Chateau Reed‍ getting solid run on the 2nd team at corner. Physical at the point of  attack
  23. Every time Sqwirl touches the ball there is a chance for a touchdown. Defenses are not going to like the experience of getting pounded on by McWilliams and then sprinting to catch Williams
  24. Josh Cameron makes up for his drop with a great hands catch on a ball behind him for a first down
  25. SQWIRL TOUCHDOWN!!!! Sqwirl 14 Gold 3
  26. Cameron Bonner‍ with the bomb from CJ Rogers for a 80+ yard touchdown on Alfahiym Walcott‍ and Devin Neal‍ 
  27. If there is anything to worry about it might not be the youth of the wide receivers but instead the safety help over the top
  28. Josh Cameron‍ showing what he’s done all Spring and in 2021, get on the field, make a play, and now he’s in the end zone
  29. TJ Franklin‍ just took a header and it didn’t look good, but he got up. Had been battling an ankle sprain and hoping that is all that is was. Will need to look for him later as he was holding his wrist, but it looked like his leg buckled a bit.
  30. Great to see Gavin Holmes out there today.
  31. Sims has to be closing in on 70 yards
  32. Micah Mazzccua‍ in at left guard and opens up a huge hole. 
  33. Bohannon throws behind Jones and Bryson Jackson‍ picks off the tipped pass and takes it over 90 yards for the pick 6. 
  34. Shapen looks sharper today
  35. Shapen bomb to Baldwin over the top of the safeties for a touchdown
  36. Cole Maxwell‍ just goes about his business and makes plays while going unnoticed 
  37. Only person to stop Sqwirl is Tyrone Brown‍ 
  38. Lanz is having himself a day and McWilliams looks to be dinged up a little as he jobs off
  39. AJ McCarty‍ just misses an interception. The youth in the secondary has talent and they are swarming balls in front of them. It’s the deep balls they are having trouble tracking
  40. Franklin is back in and has a pad on his elbow. Might have just hit his funny bone, which isn’t funny.
  41. Tevin Wiliams has had one bad play on the day where he gave up a TD on a pass interference, but he's been impressive
  42. Please for all that is right in the world, allow Sqwirl to have a healthy season to let the world see his talent
  43. Armani Winfield‍ with a couple catches late in the game. Expected to see him more, but also saw him bracketed by the defense early
  44. Reggie Bush II‍ making a great reaction on run support and gets Fleeks for a loss
  45. Bit of a mixed bag during this game with more positives, but also things to clean up in the secondary
  46. Winfield is going to continue to improve with this experience with live action speed
  47. No injuries we saw and tape to work on. Spring game is a success.
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Sights and Sounds of Baylor's Spring Game

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