I lived in the San Francisco East Bay Area just down the road from where Akinjo went to high school and followed his career his senior year when he won the area award for his excellence on the court. He was as tough a competitor as there was that year, and I wished that I could interest Baylor in him, or that I could interest him in Baylor, but he seemed intent on going back East and I was not at all sure how good a fit he was in Baylor.

I am delighted to see him ending his college career at Baylor. He has been a winner and an outstanding contributor every where he has played, and I see no reason why he will not finish his college career by an even more productive time down in Waco..

His background was a tough, demanding one, but he has surmounted every expectation, as far as I can tell. I am hopeful that Baylor can contribute a new perspective and enlarge his spiritual horizons. I know that the basketball fit will benefit both parties, and I look forward to seeing him play in the Green and Gold. I never thought that it would happen this way.