I see this game this as the defining game the season. A win will show they are among the top half of the conference, but a loss probably puts them in the bottom half. Baylor will probably go into this game at 3-0. With a win here they will have momentum going to Kansas State. My gut tells me that they will either win both those games or lose both. If they lose, I think they can only depend on beating Texas Tech and Kansas and may finish 5-7. But with a win, I think they go on to beat @ KSU, v. TT, @ KU and finish at least 7-5. The games v. WV and @ TCU are also strong possibilities.

Last year Baylor lost 14-28 @ Iowa State, who finished 8-5. Iowa State dropped out of the rankings in the final poll last year after losing to Washington State in the Alamo Bowl, but they were ranked in weeks 10-15 and only lost to 8-5 WSU by 2 points. Their QB is returning and they have high expectations for their 4 star RB. Sporting News has them ranked #23 in their pre-season rankings.

This will be a tough game, but I will be coming out from SoCal to provide my support, and that will be the difference maker. My prediction, Baylor wins and goes on to finish 8-4 before going to a bowl.