Kaut, Kendall
Kendall Kaut
Staff Writer
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Early Big 12 Basketball Rankings for the 2022-2023 Season
Baylor Basketball ⋅ 1 day ago by Kendall Kaut
Baylor competing for the crown again, plus a fresh face in the top 3
Story Poster
Five Big Questions for College Basketball Fans as NBA Draft Deadline Looms
Baylor Basketball ⋅ 3 days ago by Kendall Kaut
Players have until June 1 to remove themselves from the NBA Draft and return to school. A few big decisions loom for the sport by that deadline.
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Why the College Sports TV Bubble May Burst Soon
Baylor Basketball ⋅ 8 days ago by Kendall Kaut
Why do investors suddenly care that tech companies aren’t making money when for years, we could pretend it didn’t matter? Two factors stick out, and both could come into play for TV deals.
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Why Bart Torvik has Baylor Basketball No. 1 for 2022-2023
Baylor Basketball ⋅ 10 days ago by Kendall Kaut
LJ Cryer is listed as Baylor’s best player within Torvik’s player metric, Points Over Replacement Per Adjusted Game At The Usage. And the Bears' roster is deep...
Story Poster
Five Friday Takes: Kendall Brown underrated, Big 10 expansion, best Hulu show
Baylor Basketball ⋅ 13 days ago by Kendall Kaut
A new feature, maybe!
Story Poster
Kaut's Thoughts: You're Not a Bad Person for Supporting NIL Regulations
Baylor Basketball ⋅ 16 days ago by Kendall Kaut
The health of the sport should factor in too
Story Poster
The Big 12 Shouldn't Let Texas or Oklahoma Leave Early with Negotiated Buyout
Baylor Basketball ⋅ 17 days ago by Kendall Kaut
The Sooners and Longhorns can pay to leave
Story Poster
Could Four Guard Lineups Return in Force for Baylor Basketball?
Baylor Basketball ⋅ 21 days ago by Kendall Kaut
The 2022-23 Bears may end games the same way they did so often in 2021: With four guards on the floor. We're talking small ball!
Story Poster
Yes, One and Dones are Worth It and a Good Way to Win
Baylor Basketball ⋅ 23 days ago by Kendall Kaut
Avoiding survivorship bias and accumulating talent tell the story here
Story Poster
Why Adding Jalen Bridges to its 2022-2023 Roster Works Well for Baylor
Baylor Basketball ⋅ 29 days ago by Kendall Kaut
Film later, stats for now
Story Poster
Why Baylor's 2012 Basketball Team was Better than 2010
A debate!
Story Poster
Kaut's Thoughts: Baylor Basketball Counterfactuals
1 mo ago by Kendall Kaut
Some ways history could have been quite different
Story Poster
Yes, Fox Sports: 2021 Baylor was Much Better than 2022 Kansas
Fox Sports got engagement from some, but anyone who watched both teams knows this isn't close.
Story Poster
Kaut's Thoughts: The Biggest Statistical Myth in College Basketball
When analyzing strengths and weaknesses in a matchup, this pops up everywhere!
Story Poster
Kaut's Realignment Thoughts: The ACC May Unleash Chaos
Baylor Football ⋅ 1 mo ago by Kendall Kaut
Don't view the ACC's television deal as ironclad.
Story Poster
Kaut's Thoughts: North Carolina vs. Kansas in the National Championship
Who is under the most pressure? Who is most likely to win?
Story Poster
A Faint Line Separates Net Cutting Ceremonies & Early Exits From the Dance
1 mo ago by Kendall Kaut
Sometimes low probability outcomes or luck ruin your team’s year. There is always that faint, gray line that, if crossed, changes the outcome entirely.
Story Poster
Flagler's 2021-2022 Season Was One of the Most Underrated in Baylor History
1 mo ago by Kendall Kaut
The advanced metrics think more highly of Flagler than the national media.
Story Poster
A Sad Ending to an Amazing Ride
On an amazing comeback falling short.
Story Poster
Baylor Looked Like a Final Four Team On Thursday
This could all end in two days if the opponent gets hot or something goes awry for Baylor. But if those crew goes down, there’s no doubt it flashed the ability to win this thing.
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