Thanks for the quick write up. Like many I couldn't find it on ESPN. I ended up watching the Tx/IL game. Tough to see two former bears play such critical roles in the the upset, but glad to see MM play well.
Was curious for anyone that watched: Did Love look that much better, or was it the step down in competition? I feel like this could be a little bit of a blessing in having to rely on him last night. He could play the 3 spot and give us some better defensive matchup opportunities. When you watch Texas/Illinois/Purdue/Arizona, etc, they all have a ton of length 2-5. With Adam Lj we have a smaller guard lineup, that makes it tough in some defensive man v man situations. Love could really help there, but needs to have that lateral movement. Excited he got 20, that is a big deal! Could be great for confidence. Saw the highlight of the lob, he was up there!
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